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Is your Newlands house in some need of a quality cleaner?

Does this sound like you?

If a typical day for you involves rushing to get the kids ready for school in the morning, jetting off to work and coming home to a messy house that you’re too tired to clean, you aren’t alone! Countless homeowners across Newlands struggle to maintain cleanliness in their homes due to lack of time and energy at the end of a working day. This leaves household cleaning tasks to pile up right before your eyes! Treat yourself to a trusted, reliable and excellent cleaning service that will take care of all your home cleaning needs!

If it does then you could benefit from a Newlands cleaner. But you might be asking yourself what kind of jobs can a cleaner do for me?

The average woman cleans for 12, 896 hours in her lifetime, while men clean an average of 6, 448 hours. Don’t like the sound of that many hours? Let us reduce that for you with a cleaner that will come to your Newlands home.

Quality cleaning that Cook and Clean for you will do for you in your Newlands home:

  • All the surfaces will be dusted and polished: furniture tops and shelves, window sills, bannisters and mirrors.
  • The floors will be vacuumed and mopped.
  • The carpets and rugs will be thoroughly vacuumed.
  • The bin bags – replaced with new.
  • The kitchen will be presentable and sanitised: all appliances, the sink and bench tops are wiped and disinfected.
  • The bathroom/wet room will be fresh and clean: the sink, the toilet, the bathtub and shower, as well as the mirrors and all other fixtures will be polished.

Please, note that you can also add some one-time cleaning tasks to your priority checklist. (Additional costs may apply.)

Not after a full time cleaner? We do one off cleans and rent inspection cleans in Newlands 

Need to get your house cleaned for a party or any kind of event? We do one off clean up where we can clean:

  • In the kitchen – all cupboards are cleaned inside and out; worktops and surfaces are wiped and disinfected; electrical appliances and the sink area are thoroughly sanitised.
  • In the bathroom – tiles can be scrubbed clean; the toilet, sink, shower and bath are all thoroughly cleaned, fittings and fixtures are polished.
  • Throughout the entire property – all floors are vacuumed and mopped, all surfaces, furniture, skirtings, window sills, banisters and shelves are dusted; all cobwebs – removed; carpets and rugs are thoroughly vacuumed; mirrors and picture frames are polished.
  • Additional tasks, like washing the interior windows, can be incorporated in the service. Hard-to-reach spots and areas can be cleaned, upon request. Please, note that the cleaners will not attempt to move heavy furniture.
  • Extra rooms, such as studies, laundry rooms, game rooms, conservatories, storage rooms can be also cleaned – simply allow sufficient time for the tasks to be completed by booking an adequate number of hours for your session.
Wanting to Spring clean and need some extra help? Combined with and Cook and Clean For You cleaner and the City of Melbourne you can get your Spring clean on track. Each spring the city of Melbourne goes the extra mile to spruce up the city. During that season they provide extra cleaning services for free, like e-waste recycling, graffiti removal, hard waste and garden waste collection for residents, bin cleaning for businesses, and a lot more. Worried about how safe it is to hire someone to be in your house? What to look for when hiring a cleaner in Newlands
  • Fully Insured – Check to make sure that the company is Fully Insured so that you know you can trust them
  • Police Cleared – This is really important for a Cleaner in Newlands to have all staff be Police Cleared
  • Working with Children Check – This is more important if you have children then if you don’t, but still always a good thing to look for
  • Working with elderly Check – This is again not something that is 100% needed but it is always a good thing to look out for
We hope that you can find a professional cleaner in Newlands to keep your house clean so you can spend more time doing what you love, and what you enjoy rather than clean your house. We know that we have done this for many people in Melbourne and that they can now enjoy life, not spend up to 2 hours a day cleaning their house. Some of the other quality companies in Newlands that we trust and work with. To book a Cleaner for your Newlands home call Cecilia on 0402 288 200 today. We can cater for small and large events and can clean private properties, schools, offices and daycares.
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